London, W2 2UH

In the 16th Century Hyde Park was bought from the Monks of Westminster Abbey by King Henry the VIII and used as hunting ground. During the “Great Plague” citizens camped in the park, desperate to escape the deadly disease. Mid 18th Century ‘The Serpentine’ was added to the park and in the 19th century the park became a place for national celebration. Today Hyde Park covers about 350 acres and is the perfect place to escape the busy streets of London. Apart from a relaxing walk, a refreshing boat ride on the lake or a picnic in the park, you might also want to visit the this Central London Oasis to see Speaker’s Corner, the Princess Diane Memorial or the 7th of July Memorial.

Attractions nearby: Royal Albert hall, Speaker's Corner, Harrods, V&A, Natural History Museum and Science Museum

Hop On Hop Off bus stops: 9; 10; 15; 16; 17