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Archive for May, 2011

May 25th 2011

The Londoner’s Guide to Sightseeing

London Pass

As a native Londoner, you may be blasé, and believe that you have seen all there is to see of the capital. Yet, no matter how long you have been living in London, it is simply not plausible that you have seen all there is on offer: there are simply too many London attractions out […]

May 23rd 2011

Going Solo: Travelling Alone in London

Buckingham Palace

The concept of traveling alone in London need not be a daunting one. London’s attractions are so incredibly prolific and wide-ranging, and the things to do in London are so extensive, that touring the city on your own should not hold you back at all. If you are worried about getting lost in London, you […]

May 23rd 2011

5 Diverse Evenings in London to Remember

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour

Why explore London by night? What is it about this world capital that entrances those who visit? How is it that it possesses such a different atmosphere when twilight falls compared to during the day? Following are a selection of five must-do activities to embark upon in London as dusk falls: Go on a London […]

May 23rd 2011

Phenomenal London Tours

London Tours

Golden Tours’ range of London tours are difficult to surpass. The choices are seemingly endless: London day tours, evening tours of London, London bus tours, London walking tours: the list goes on. Our sightseeing tours of London, this majestic capital, are competitive not merely in terms of their quality but also in terms of price. […]