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July 18th 2011

5 Top London Attractions to See On Your London Tour

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The things to do in London are inestimable. However, you must make certain your London tour, whether it is a London walking tour or a London bus tour, includes these top five attractions: 1. Westminster Abbey This momentous landmark is not merely architecturally spectacular. Westminster Abbey’s consequence with regards to the royal and political past […]

July 18th 2011

5 Places You Should Not Miss On Your London Tour

Private Celebrity Tour of London

The things to do in London are immeasurable. However, it is nonetheless possible to pinpoint the top five London attractions that you simply must see: 1. Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is undoubtedly the major London attraction that entices wreaths of visitors year after year. As it is the official domicile of the Queen, it is […]

July 12th 2011

Choose A London Bus Tour: the Best Way To Get Around the Capital

Visiting London but unsure where to begin? London tours will not fail to entrance you, and London bus tours are the option for you if you wish to discover the most charming sights of the capital over a fairly limited amount of time. The vast scope and immensity of the capital makes an open top […]

July 11th 2011

A Sweeping London Bus Tour: The Ideal Way To Explore this Majestic Capital

London Bus Tours

A London bus tour will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, fit the criteria for those searching for a comprehensive, wide-ranging and convenient London sightseeing tour perfectly. An open top bus tour of London is a viable option, and is, in fact, exemplary if you wish for the most sweeping and all-encompassing views possible. London hop […]