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Reviewed by : Baiba
“Fun, interesting, easy” I loved the trip. I'm glad I booked it. The places were beautiful and interesting, the guide was funny and with knowledge and many interesting stories. All in all, I enjoyed the trip very much. :)


Reviewed by : Anonymous
My girlfriend and I traveled to London in December, 2012, and we wanted to take a side trip to Stonehenge and Bath (and also Windsor if possible). Although we prefer to travel by ourselves rather than to go on a tour, after some research, we decided that it was cheaper and more efficient for us to go on a tour due to time and budget constraints. We decided on Golden Tours over the other companies because 1) it was the cheapest of all the companies (only about $105 per person, all admissions included) 2) it offers pickup close to our hotel 3) the reviews on TripAdvisor are pretty favorable Going in, we understood that the time at each attraction would be short and that a lot of the time would be spent on transportation. We were supposed to meet at St Pancras Renaissance at 7:20-7:35; our tour guide (who was wonderful; it was a shame that I forgot her name!) showed up at around 7:40 and directed us to a tour bus. However, the bus had some mechanical problem so our tour guide promptly got us taxis to the bus terminal for no extra charge. This was very fun for us as this was the only time we got to ride on the black cabs in London! The bus was spacious and comfty, and the tour guide was very courteous and accommodating, even to those tourists who were late (be on time people!). No one was left behind in any of the attractions. We spent about 90 minutes in Windsor Castle, 60 minutes in Stonehenge, and about 100 minutes. While it might not seem like much, my girlfriend and I had enough time to tour the State Apartments and St George's Chapel. We even checked out part of the Changing of the Guards in Windsor Castle! The time at Stonehenge was also sufficient (it was freezing cold!). However, we do wish we could've stayed longer in Bath, as we only got to tour around the Roman Baths and didn't have enough time to explore the wonderful town of Bath. If you are not interested in Windsor or have more time, definitely spend more time in Bath. As for food, we did not purchase the lunch option, and instead of trying to sell us lunch, our tour guide was very nice and recommended some cheap options in Windsor; the sandwiches at EAT was delicious! We would definitely recommend this tour to everyone who's short on time and wants to visit all these places; it's the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to visit all these places in one day. Thanks Golden Tours and our wonderful tour guide.


Reviewed by : Anonymous
We arrived at our pick-up location after running from our tube stop, as the tube wasn't running frequently enough at that point on a sunday morning to help us to be on time. The bus waited, we were about 5-7 minutes late and were greeted warmly by the staff. We got to the tour office and and got our tickets printed inside (as we had no printer access). We met up with Tish our guide and she was still able to seat our party of 5 on a packed bus (She said it was one of the busiest days of the year for tours). She was friendly, knowledgeable and very funny. The tour was bilingual (spanish and english) and she did quite well with interpreting. It seemed that I had made an error in my booking and booked for the wrong day. We showed up and our tickets said the wrong date. The tour company accommodated us anyway and were very kind to allow us to continue on our trip even with the error. We had a wonderful day! Though the tour was speedy and felt a bit rushed because we went to so many places and saw so much, Tish and our driver Atila did everything in their power to accommodate everyone and make it very enjoyable. At the end Tish recommended a restaurant to us for dinner which was just perfect for our crew. Thank you all for making our plans work out even with our mistake in booking!!! And thank you Tish and Atila for a most enjoyable day!!!


Reviewed by : Anonymous
Great tour! Our guide Mark was very knowledgeable, approachable and kept things interesting. All went smoothly at each of the three sites, no complaints at all!


Reviewed by : Travis
We enjoyed this tour, but would have liked to have known up front that the first and last legs of the bus trip were 2 to 2.5 hours long. The destinations were wonderful, but a little rushed. In particular, Windsor and the castle could have easily used 4 hours or lore, you only have 1:45 on this tour. However, if you are in for a quick overview of some great sights (as we were), this tour is tops. The guide (Sue) was great color commentary and eased the pain of the long bus ride. We cannot speak for the meal inclusion, we bought along the way (plenty of opportunity). We used London pass for the entry in Windsor, and thus did not purchase this tour with any entrances.


Reviewed by : Tom B
Great tour, comfortable bus, great driver (Benson) and our guide Ruth was very knowledgeable during the tour . We knew when we booked it was going to be a very rushed busy day. It was. 1st stop at Windsor allows for a quick walk through if you also want to see the Queens Doll house, which we did. The 2nd stop at Stonehenge allows about 45 minutes to an hour, just enough time for a good walk around. Last stop at Bath and a tour of the Roman Baths, wonderful place steeped in history. Overall had a great time and the teenagers we have loved seeing Stonehenge. Great chance to see 3 very interesting sites, but if you want to spend more time at any of the sites recommend you take another tour that visits only 1 or 2 sites. Given the attention span for teens, timing was great, everyone feel asleep during the 3 hour ride back to London. Thanks Golden Tours.


Reviewed by : Lauren
I went on a tour of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath and had a brilliant time despite the floods of rain. Rain ponchos were provided if you had forgotten your umbrella anyway. Our tour guide Jess was extremely knowledgeable, energetic, helpful and a barrel of fun to be around. Jess was a fantastic storyteller and kept the whole bus entertained with all the history we needed to know to help paint a brighter picture of understanding for each destination. If you are lucky enough, Jess may even give you a captivating recital of 'The Highwayman' on your journey to Bath. Benson was our expert bus driver, he can skilfully drive a bus in rain, hail and shine and still keep the tour running on time. This tour is brilliant as a taster for each destination, so you can come back and explore further at your leisure. Or if you have little time in this country it is great for getting in a few sights before you leave. If you are fortunate enough to get Jess and Benson as your tour guide and driver, you are in for one wicked day out!


Reviewed by : anonymous
I took the London day trip to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. The tour guide Tony was funny and knowledgeable, and kept his cool with tourists who were super inconsiderate and decided that their good time were more important then the rest of ours. I did not take the bus back, but grabbed my backpack and Tony pointed me in the direction of some good food, attractions and the direction of the YMCA. This was a great way to get from London to Bath with sightseeing en route. My one recommendation if you have a car would be to visit Avebury instead of Stonehenge. Stonehenge if very impressive, but super touristy.


Reviewed by : Maria C.
Had a great day in Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath with an informative and funny tour guide Peter. His detailed explanations and good arrangement made the tour perfect! THUMBS UP! Highly recommend !


Reviewed by : Maria C.
Had a great day in Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath with an informative and funny tour guide Peter. His detailed explanations and good arrangement made the tour perfect! THUMBS UP! Highly recommend !


Reviewed by : W. Feier
"Perfect" After an initial delay at check in, we started quickly. a very special praise to our guide and driver Toby Attila. Beite very courteous and nice. Very lively tours, with a lot of background information, which has emphasized the importance of Staeten. highly recommended


Reviewed by : Christian Madsen
“Excellent Value” Tour guide was fantastic. She was very knowledgable and funny. Would highly reccomend it. Use London pass to get into Windsor Castle for free! There is no way I could have done this on my own. Was the highlight of our trip to London.


Reviewed by : ALEXA


Reviewed by : John and Deanna
We thought the tour was fantastic and Tony was extremely knowledgeable on Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath and all things Britain. During down times on the bus, he walked to the back of the bus and asked each member of the tour along the way if they had any questions on anything. He spoke to us for a good deal of time on the Royal Family, politics, and several other topics. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and accomodating.


Reviewed by : Kok Kuan Heng
Wonderful Roman Baths - was a very unique and interesting experience. I really enjoyed myself and the guide was very funny and informative.


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