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Stonehenge Infographic - A Visual Guide for Visitors

Although Stonehenge is one of the most recognised historical sites across the world there still isn’t a clear explanation of why the prehistoric monument was created. It is this element of mystery that attracts hundreds of thousands of intrigued tourists each year.

Scientists, archaeologists, geologists and historians have spent years exploring the reasons why Stonehenge was built, and by whom. This research has revealed some answers behind the stones that grace the Wiltshire countryside, but still some mysteries remain.

Some theories state that the monument was used as an entertainment venue built by magicians, while others say that it’s an ancient burial ground constructed by giants. We’ve created this infographic to lay out some of the most popular suggestions to solve the mystery of Stonehenge – what do you believe?

If you would like to know more information about visiting Stonehenge, please view our comprehensive list of guided tours.

Stonehenge Infographic detailing interesting facts and figures about Stonehenge, Wiltshire
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