An Insider’s Guide to London Sightseeing

The things to do in London are inexhaustible. Yet it is possible to identify the top three attractions that you simply must see on any London sightseeing tour, above others:

1. The London Eye

An amazing flight upon the London Eye is the definite, apparent option for many a visitor to this extravagant capital. You can see all the most remarkable sights of the city in a distinctive and enthralling fashion. This is what makes the London Eye such an outstanding and unforgettable experience.

2. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is, beyond question, the foremost London attraction that inveigles visitors upon visitors year after year. As it is the official abode of the Queen, it is not hard to decipher why it charms so many. Buckingham Palace is also architecturally magnificent, and its State Rooms are truly unforgettable. Possibly delve into the Palace as part of an all-encompassing, thrilling London bus tour.

3. The Tower of London

Following Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London is the second most enchanting attraction in the capital. This redoubtable landmark looms over the landscape and possesses a spectacular, compelling history which is sure to captivate your senses. Ensure you see the remarkable Crown Jewels and enter the White Tower as part of your London tour.

Delve into all three of these key attractions – and many more – on a London sightseeing tour.