How To Mingle With The Royals In London This June

How To Mingle With The Royals In London This June

June is a very important month in London’s calendar! Full of traditional ceremonies and events, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in the capital. If you’re lucky enough to be around next month and want to take in some great British traditions, there are plenty to see and you can guarantee it will nothing like you’ve ever experienced! From the Queen’s official birthday celebrations to the 16th century Beating Retreat ceremony, June 2014 is one big English party!

Check out a couple of historical traditions you can get involved with this June:



The colourful Beating Retreat spectacle features members from the bands of the two Household Cavalry Regiments and the five Foot Guards Regiments which make up the Household Division. The Household Division comprises of the cavalry and foot guards who guard The Queen and some of them are the most elite and skilled soldiers in the British Army!


The Beating Retreat is held at the Horse Guards Parade near Whitehall in Central London. This huge square is the location for many military ceremonies, including the Trooping the Colour (The Queen’s official birthday celebrations) and the daily changing of the guard.

Taking place on 11 and 12 June 2014, the Household Division Beating Retreat involves red-clad soldiers conducting military drills and marching to music along with cannons, fireworks and drumming. This tradition dates all the way back to 1690, when James II had his drums beating an order for his troops to retreat during battle.

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Depending which evening you watch the ceremony, you may also see a senior member of the royal family take a salute! It really is a fantastic evening out in London, so don’t waste time and buy tickets for the Household Division Beating Retreat here!


Trooping the Colour: The Queen’s Birthday Majesty The Queen has not one, but two birthdays every year! She is the sovereign, after all. Her actual birthday is on 21 April and her official birthday takes place on a Saturday in June, with 14 June being the date for your diary in 2014.

Throughout history, British monarchs have celebrated their birthday twice with one very public bash taking place on a day in summer. Trooping the Colour dates back to 1820 and is one of the most important military parades in the country. This annual event involves a very impressive display of pageantry on Horse Guards Parade with the Queen attending and taking the salute.


Queen Elizabeth II

A once-in-a-lifetime London experience

Over 1400 officers and man parade through the square together with 200 horses and over 400 musicians! The full route extends from Buckingham Palace along The Mall to Horse Guards Parade and back again – it doesn’t get much bigger than this!

An incredible RAF flypast then finishes the ceremony on a high while the other members of the Royal Family watch on. You can watch the Trooping the Colour ceremony from The Mall – get there early to secure a good spot!


Can’t get enough of our brilliant British traditions? Take a look at some more London ceremonies and traditions and start planning your exciting year in the capital!