My 3 Favourite London Attractions

Ask any number of people what their top three London attractions are and you will get incredibly different responses from each. But, after all, this is the beauty of London: its attractions are so diverse. These are simply my top three subjective favourite attractions which I believe should be explored at least once:

1. Tate ModernTate Modern is focused on modern art, and so holds art from 1900 to the present. It is divided over four floors into four major movements: Surrealism, Minimalism, Post-war innovations in abstraction and figuration, and the three linked movements Cubism, Futurism and Vorticism.
What I love about Tate Modern is that it is home to some truly captivating paintings by modern masters such as the inimitable Dali, the great prodigy Picasso and the tortured genius that was Francis Bacon. Its current Miro exhibition is well worth exploring and its rotating exhibitions mean that whenever you visit, it is a new experience.

2. The V&A MuseumThe V&A’s collection spans two thousand years of art from all over the world. With such an extensive, wide-ranging collection, you will not fail to find something you are interested in.

Look out for the spectacular ‘s-Hertogenbosch choir screen: you will not be able to miss it. It is, in my view, one of the most exquisite and intricate sculptures on display in the V&A.

3. Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey’s symbolic and historical significance cannot be overplayed: it has been the site for royal weddings, state funerals and houses the graves of many important cultural figures. Aside from all this, it is a spectacular structure, and in my opinion can not be surpassed  by any other London landmark in majesty.

What do you think? What are your top 3 London attractions?