My Favourite Place in London: Shoreditch by Cassie

My Favourite Place in London: Shoreditch by Cassie

The first in our series of London insights, read about our colleague Cassie’s favourite place in London – the buzzing, vibrant and artistic area of Shoreditch in East London.

“Arriving about ten months ago, straight from the shores of Sydney, Australia to the great city of London, UK; I was eager to explore. On my travels around town I came across Shoreditch, a quirky little pocket in east London that I affectionately came to call my home away from home. Reminiscent of a fusion between Newtown and Surrey Hills in Sydney, it is jam packed with hipster and alternative locals, cool cafes, chilled pubs, trendy markets and who could forget art – street art is all around you.

Thread Heart decorating Shoreditch

Whenever I’m hitting up Shoreditch I’m sure to call into Lollipop gallery to check out the contemporary and street art of local artists featured. It’s free to enter and sometimes comes with a complimentary bevy (alcoholic beverage), not a bad way to spend an afternoon soaking up some London street-cred.

Some street art in East London

On my day out in Shoreditch, I love to go for a little fashion hunt in Old Spitalfields Market where you can find all sorts of delicate and bold statement pieces to complete any outfit, whatever your style. I like to take my time to admire some of the hand crafted work there, look closely and you will discover hidden treasures; the detail in the work of a craftsman, designer or artist is where their passion lays.

Browsing the stall at Spitalfields

The great thing about London is that it never seizes to amaze me, there is always something new to experience, some place nestled in a corner somewhere, just begging to be discovered. London is truly a fascinating place full of excitement, each day I look forward to what this amazing city has in store.” Cassandra da Cunha (Cassie)

If you want to find out about the dark history of East London, take our Jack the Ripper walking tour.

Where is your favourite place in London?

Images from Berit Watkin, {Laura McGregor}, Rob Schofield and La Citta Vita via Flickr.