Theme Parks to Visit Near London

Theme Parks to Visit Near London

Nothing beats spending time with family and seeing smiles in your kids’ faces. Bringing them to theme parks not only gives them joy but also knowledge in a fun and engaging way! There are many places you can bring your family in London. Here are four of the best theme parks that are worth visiting:

Sea Life London Aquarium
Marine life couldn’t get more real than this with the Sea Life London Aquarium. This theme park boasts of the Great Oceanic Conveyor, which will take you and your family into an interactive journey with numerous sea creatures.

From feeding stingrays to watching diving exhibitions and touch pools, these features will surely delight your kids. To top it all, you’ll get to experience watching 16 sharks swim beneath your feet in the new Shark Reef Encounter!

London Zoo

Add a twist to your typical sightseeing London tours with a visit to the London Zoo. This 36-acre animal haven is home to 720 animal species. The ZSL London Zoo allows visitors to experience the “bringing down the bars,” allowing for interaction with fascinating animals.

This type of immersion creates a special connection between visitors and our furry friends. Some of the main attractions of the London Zoo are the Penguin Beach, Tiger Territory, Butterfly Paradise, Animal Adventure, Meet the Monkeys, and Giants of the Galapagos. They also offer daily live animal shows featuring MegaBugs, Penguins, and Tigers.

Chessington World of Adventures

If you’ve previously enjoyed the historical Warwick castle tour, then you’ll enjoy history presented in a fun way in the Chessington World of Adventures! Get lost in nine-themed lands, interact with more than 1,000 animals, get submerged in its Sea Life centre, and cap off the trip with a stay at the safari-themed hotel for a full adventure experience.

You will definitely enjoy the waves of Azteca, the spins of Kobra situated in the heart of Wild Asia, the mysteries of Tomb Blaster in Forbidden Kingdom, and so much more!

Dinosaur Isle

Every kid has been fascinated with dinosaurs at one point or another. The Dinosaur Isle will satisfy your child’s curiosity about dinos and many more! This theme park is London’s first ever dinosaur attraction, which is amazingly shaped like a Pterosaur. Nestled in a recreated landscape are life-sized models of five impressive dinosaurs—Neovenator, Eotyrannus, Iguanadon, Hypsilophodon and Polacanthus—all of which had walked the Isle of Wight. There are dinosaur skeletons exhibited and hands-on activities, too!

Learning while having fun is the best combination for any child so make your trip to London worthwhile by visiting these amazing theme parks! You’ll never run out of adventures with these attractions in your book!