Five Unusual Places to Visit in London

Five Unusual Places to Visit in London

When visiting London, everyone knows about the obvious things to sightsee – Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus, but sometimes it’s nice to visit something a little unusual, something hidden away, something not many people might know about. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up five places to visit in London that you won’t find on your typical lists.

1. London’s Smallest Police Station: Pictured above, this minuscule police station is easy to miss but conveniently placed on the south-east corner of Trafalgar Square. Apparently it has the capacity to hold two prisoners! Nearest tube: Charing Cross

Pelicans at St James's Park

2. Pelicans in St James’s Park: Something you might not expect to see roaming around a city park, the birds were first introduced to the park in 1664 as a gift from a Russian Ambassador. They live near duck island and get fed everyday between 2.30 and 3pm. Nearest tube: St James’s Park

The Alternative Number 10

3. The Fake 10 Downing Street: The real residence of the Prime Minister is restricted, so you can’t wander up for a photo opportunity. Conveniently however, there is a door that looks very like it – making it absolutely perfect for a pose or two. It’s just off The Strand at 10 Adam Street. Nearest tube: Charing Cross

Pet Cementery at Hyde Park

4. Hyde Park Pet Cemetery: Although this is closed to the public, it’s possible to peek through the bars of Hyde Park’s perimeter and see the markings on the mini headstones of beloved pets buried between 1881 and 1903. The pet cemetery is on the north-west side of the park, on Bayswater Road – keep an eye out among the bushes! Nearest tube: Queensway

The Rolling Bridge at Paddington

5. The Rolling Bridge: Designed by Thomas Heatherwick and completed in 2004, this quirky bridge is more curling than it is rolling. Generally it stands as a typical, horizontal bridge but when boats need to pass, the bride curls in on itself to make way – a magnificent example of modern design. Nearest tube: Paddington

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Do you know any unusual places to visit in London?

Images from Leonard Bentley, Martin Pettitt and Loz Pycock via Flickr and The Telegraph.