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Explore London and the UK with our Walking Tours!

Gain an insight into the rich history of this world-famous city with an expert-guided walking tour. From the royal family to Jack the Ripper, these walks will take you in back in time through the most infamous London streets and iconic locations to uncover plenty of secrets that this very city keeps quiet. No need for a time machine!

But it’s not all history as we also have many cultural walking tours featuring delicious food, famous films and legendary musicians. What’s more, our walking tours are available in Windsor, York, Bath and Edinburgh!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best guided walks in London?
Discover Victorian London with a Jack The Ripper walking tour or why not visit spectacular sites associated with the Royal Family. There’s also a guided tour around one of the UK’s most famous museums, the British Museum.
How much should I tip a walking tour guide?
Since tour payment is made up front, a tip is not expected. However, if you wish to, you may tip the tour guide at your own discretion.
What is a walking tour?
A walking tour is a tour of historical or cultural sites, monuments, and other points of interest undertaken on foot by a professional tour guide.
What should I wear on a walking tour?
We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing.