London Aquarium: The Biggest Artificial Marine Life Aquarium

Home to Europe’s largest collection of global aquatic life, the Sea Life London Aquarium is located near the South Bank of the River Thames. It is housed in the County Hall, the former home of the Greater London Council until it was abandoned in 1986. Spread over three floors, the largest aquarium in London takes visitors to discover over 3000 species of sea animals and plants from sharks, stingrays and clown fish, to moray eels, lionfish and sideways walking crabs.

One of the finest modern London attractions, visitors can see different types of marine life in their natural habitat through 14 themed zones like Atlantic upper, Atlantic lower, Pacific Upper, Indian Ocean, Rivers and Ponds, Temperate Water, Tropical Freshwater, Coral Reef and Rainforest. Each of these represents different types of seas and waters in the world, with small tropical fish on some and other areas that are domed and large stingrays and sharks swim around. There is also a large water tank which simulates the biotope of the River Thames.

The journey starts from a submarine style lift that will take visitors to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean where a stunning glass tunnel walkway offers an unforgettable experience. There are a lot of interactive opportunities to touch some of the animals with specially trained supervisors and lectures are given by instructors to answer questions.

The “Penguin: Ice Adventure” gives guests a unique way to get close to and learn about the Gentoo penguin. SEA LIFE London Aquarium has created an area where visitors can wander through and experience the world of these magnificent creatures through an icy landscape that provides them with their optimum living condition. The area also features other Antarctic inhabitants like the trio of Japanese spider crabs to ensure total authenticity of the attraction.

“Rainforests of the World” also gives an up-close and personal viewing of the rainforest’s most famous and feared residents, from a pair of 6 feet West African Dwarf crocodiles to a family of highly toxic Poison Arrow Frogs and over 30 lethal piranhas. Another major feature is the “Shark Reef Encounter” where visitors walk on a floating glass platform with 16 amazing sharks that swim inches beneath. It ends with the interactive “Shark Academy” a hands-on learning experience about their lives and their environment.

London Tours for Kids not only is fun and exciting but educational as well. Many of the creatures in the London aquarium are on the endangered list – from the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. Aside from allowing millions of people to marvel at the spectacular breathing exhibition displayed in over 2 million liters of water, guests can get involved with the conservation work and take part in feeding time where they’ll be able to get closer look to them than ever before. The aquarium has two classrooms themed around the conservation campaigns, which the zoo supports and host up to 40,000 school children each year. It is open to the public when not in use by the education program. SEA LIFE network plays an important role in helping safeguard every part of the seas and their inhabitants for the future by educating the importance of these marine lives not only to the environment but to humanity as well.

Guaranteed to be fun for the family and friends especially for children, be sure to purchase your London Tour tickets ahead of time. Sea Life London Aquarium is open from Monday to Thursday, 10 AM to 5 PM and Friday to Saturday, 10 AM to 6PM.