My Favourite Places in London: Bruna

My Favourite Places in London: Bruna

The second in our series of London insights, we asked one of our Customer Advisors, Bruna, about some of her favourite places in London. Originally from Sao Paulo in Brazil, Bruna has been living and working in London for one year. Her sister, Juliana, is a professional photographer and we are delighted to feature some of her beautiful shots in this post.

A beautiful Greenwich view

The view from London’s Greenwich

What’s your favourite part of London or the UK?

There are many nice areas, but one of my favourites is Greenwich in London. It is a good combination of nature, architecture and history. The observatory and the fact that the meridian line passes over there gives it a nice touch. It always makes me think about the universe and makes me wonder which side of the line I am on while I am strolling around.

What would your typical London day out involve?

I like to go to places I never been before. If it is a sunny or dry day, I try to go to a park, a street market or take a walk along the Thames. There’s always something going on in London, so sometimes I go to a festival or an art exhibition. If it’s raining I would go to a museum.

The view of the Thames from Battersea Park

Take a walk along the Thames at Battersea Park

What’s your favourite London attraction/landmark?

That’s a tough question haha! Some of my favourites are the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge. These are the places that every time I go by, it pops up in my mind: “Wow, I am in London”.

Where would you take your family if they came to visit?

I would take them to the main tourist attractions and landmarks. Camden, Greenwich… as many places as I could!

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The incredible Houses of Parliament

What are your favourite places to eat or drink in London?

I like to go to the street markets. There’s always good food and I love the environment.

Where in the UK would you love to visit?

There are so many places… The places I would like to go next are the Cotswolds, Seven Sisters and Bristol. If I had a longer holiday, I would love to go to the Highlands in Scotland.

Where are your favourite places in London?

Images courtesy of Juliana Lauletta