Stratford upon Avon: More than Merely the Birthplace of Shakespeare

An exploration into Stratford  is an extremely perspicacious decision to make. Stratford upon Avon draws countless visitors, and this is unquestionably largely due to its popularity as the birthplace of Shakespeare. However, Shakespeare’s home is by no means the sole attraction you can uncover on a Stratford sightseeing tour.

A Stratford city break makes for one of the more idyllic of many prolific day tours from London to choose from. There are a wide range of places related to Shakespeare that you should explore on your tour, at least briefly – landmarks such as Hall’s Croft, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare is buried, and, of course, Shakespeare’s home.

Yet even if you feel unmoved by the legacy of Shakespeare, there are still arrays of potential things to do in Stratford.  Stratford overflows with quaint pubs, restauarants and alluring shops, and is suffused with some extraordinary architecture.

Perhaps you wish to delve into the surrounding regions of Stratford and not simply confine yourself to a Stratford tour?  Innumerable other options are available, such as a scenic Oxford, Stratford, Cotswolds tour from London. Discover the beauty of Stratford for yourself.