London’s Top 3 Historic Landmarks

London is the historic heart of the UK. Singular, distinctive and incredibly rich historical narratives permeate this extraordinary city in the form of its architecture. Thus it is extremely difficult to pin down the most significant historical landmarks of London. Yet these three attractions are especially rich in terms of the narratives they possess:

1. Churchill War Rooms
Even if you are less than enthralled by the notion of delving into the history of Churchill, the Churchill War Rooms will overturn your conceptions and will leave you fascinated. The Churchill Museum uses interactive exhibits and advanced technology to bring the enthralling narrative of Winston Churchill to life.  The labyrinthine Cabinet War Rooms, before being sealed in August 1945, protected the most crucial figures of the British government and military throughout the Second World War.

2. Tower of London
Were you conscious that, over 1,000 years, the Tower of London has altered extensively in its functions, and has been, at different times, a Royal Palace, a mint, a prison, and, possibly most unusually, a zoo?
The most wide-ranging assortment of armour in Europe is kept in The White Tower, including Henry VIII’s personal armoury.  Undeniably, the most extraordinary highlight of any visit to the Tower is that of the incomparably majestic Crown Jewels.

3. Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament act as the political and legislative centre of the UK. Beyond question, the Palace of Westminster is one of the most iconic and renowned landmarks in the world, and symbolises the birth of democratic rule in England. Explore this structure which was crucially brought into existence by the Magna Carta.