5 Weird and Wonderful Theories About Secretive Stonehenge

5 Weird and Wonderful Theories About Secretive Stonehenge

5 Weird and Wonderful Theories About Secretive Stonehenge

Stonehenge will be brought into the 21st century at the end of this year with the opening of a new visitor centre and museum – the £27m project includes “environmentally sensitive” buildings and top-notch educational facilities. This upgrade is a result of the immense popularity of the World Heritage Site’s with visitors from around the world – proving that everyone loves a good mystery.

With a murky history still unexplained, part of Stonehenge’s charm lies in giving people the opportunity to play detective and decide for themselves who put the stones there, and why. A number of theories have been put forward in an attempt to put Stonehenge’s puzzling past to rest – some more peculiar than others! Here is our pick of five unique Stonehenge theories that have all been legitimately supported by people over the years. Remember to keep an open mind…

1.       Stonehenge As An Alien Landing Pad

Of course there’s going to be one theory involving extraterrestrials – unfortunately for the creator of this idea, it’s even harder to prove.

Danish author Erich von Daniken created a loyal following when he suggested Stonehenge shares the same function as crop circles, reminding aliens where to land on the days they drop in to pay us Earthlings a visit.

Erm…We’re not totally convinced.

2.       Stonehenge As An Ancient Party Place 

A recent theory backed by a team of researchers proposes that ancient Britons gathered around the stones to do nothing more than have a good time.

After excavating prehistoric animal bones, findings were published theorising people gathered for epic sociable feasts.

Maybe Stonehenge was the Glastonbury of 2000BC!

 3.       A Force Of Mother Nature

Geologists have put forward that Stonehenge is nothing more than the result of Mother Nature at her finest, transporting the rocks onto Salisbury Plain by moving glaciers.

The heavy rocks – some weighing up to 30 tons – and how they were put on the site has baffled people for years.

This theory answers that question, but is unpopular due to its yawn-inducing factual details.

4.       Merlin The Wizard’s Magic Touch

The earliest Stonehenge theories were tales of legendary proportions. According to 12th century writer Geoffrey of Monmouth, hundreds of British nobles were slaughtered on Salisbury Plain and a memorial to their memory was required by the King.

The myth goes that Merlin the Wizard used his sorcery to gather and erect the stones, where they have stood as a symbol of mystical power ever since.

5.       The Oldest Team Building Exercise Known To Man

Another modern theory from the same brains that put forward Stonehenge as a premier party destination is the idea that the rocks were put together by people as part of a unification ritual.

Brits came together to bond over the construction of the hefty monument – and partied when it was completed.

Work hard, play hard!

Got any more interesting or wacky theories about the origins of Stonehenge? Share with us below!

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