My List of 5 Charming Things to do in London

It could certainly never be claimed that there is a paucity of things to do in London, one of the finest cities of the world in terms of the exceptional variety of cultural attractions it offers. This following little list presents a snapshot, if you will, of some of enchanting London’s most remarkable sights and attractions:

A London Eye flightA London Eye flight is something you are unlikely to forget. The London Eye grants you some extraordinary panoramic perspectives over an array of the most spectacular city landmarks.

The Tower of LondonThe Tower of London is a momentous landmark and holds a unique history that is sure to enthrall you. Over the centuries, it has played different roles, and was even a zoo at one time. The spectacular Crown Jewels are, without doubt, the highlight of any visit to the Tower of London.

Visit inside Buckingham PalaceA visit to Buckingham Palace is all good and well, but what you should really do is visit inside of Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace’s interior has to be seen to be believed – it is couched in exquisite splendour. The Queen’s Gallery is sure to astound. A visit to the Royal Mews is also more than worthwhile.

Thames river cruiseA Thames river cruise is an alluring experience, the memories of which are sure to resound in your mind for years to come. Survey the magnificent monuments of London from extraordinary perspectives.

London bus tours – or London walking toursLondon bus tours are effective in giving you a general impression of London – its most enticing landmarks and structures. London walking tours allow you to explore certain eminent regions of London in greater depth and detail. It is up to you to decide which you would rather do – or perhaps try a London bus tour in addition to a London walking tour or two.

These are merely five suggestions for things to do in London. It is especially worth trying one of the many sightseeing tours of London. Or, if you are otherwise inclined, perhaps take a London to Stonehenge coach tour and explore this mystic region, far removed from bustling, vivacious London.