Monopoly Lifesized

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  • Monoploy Lifesized brings the board game to life
  • Play against family and friends on one of the 2 boards 
  • Includes all your favourite Monopoly elements all with modern technology
  • 80-minute immersive game
  • A great fun day out 


Monopoly has long been a family favourite board game. Played for hours at a time, as you look to bank as much cash as possible and buy properties around the Monopoly board in order to charge your friends and family rent. Monopoly Lifesized brings the board game to life as you play the giant board of your choice. The rules are the same, but the themes and challenges are different on each board. The Classic board is Monopoly as we have always known it, escape from Jail, collect £200 as you pass go and buy all the properties that you can afford, but land on a rival's property and you will be paying them rent.   The new City board, ends in a dance-off challenge. You will go past many of London's famous landmark-inspired challenge rooms as you look to beat your playing companions. 

Both boards are an 80 minute challenge played on a 'lifesized' Monopoly board. Each can host between 8 and 24 players, who will be split into 4 different teams, that all play against each other.   The challenges are a mixture of physical and mental puzzles, with games set around London landmarks. You are guided around the Board by your own 'Playing Token' and hosted by Mr. Monopoly himself!

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Additional Information

What's Included in the tour

  • One ticket to either the CLASSIC or CITY Board

What's Excluded in the tour

  • Food and drink 
Please Note:
  • Minimum age: 9 (under 16s must be accompanied by at least one participating parent or guardian)
  • Participant should be comfortable and wear clothes that allow them to take part in a variety of games, some more physical than others.
  • There is no cloakroom, but a limited number of small lockers are available.

Days of Operations: Tuesday - Sunday

Venue Location: 213-215 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 7PS