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River Thames Attractions

London wouldn’t be the city it is today without the River Thames. Once the city’s main thoroughfare, the Thames was a busy waterway as traders, travellers and Londoners went about their daily business. Today, it’s a bit quieter, but a cruise on the River Thames experience is still a popular way to sightsee in London. See what you can do on the water with a variety of River Thames attractions and memorable London adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What landmarks are on the River Thames?
The London Eye, Big Ben, Tower of London, Tate Britain, Oxo Tower and Shakespeare’s Globe are some of the landmarks along the River Thames.
Can you take a boat ride on the River Thames?
Yes, there are many different boat rides you can take on the River Thames including speed boats, sightseeing boats and Uber boats.
Where can I get a boat on the River Thames?
You can get a boat from any of the piers along the River Thames.