The Liverpool Beatles Museum

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  • The biggest collection of Beatles memorabilia
  • See authentic items including, guitars and drums from the Hamburg days
  • The earliest ever footage of the Beatles playing live
  • Interviews with the band and much more  


A trip to Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Beatles Museum. Venture inside to see a collection of all things belonging to or once part of the history of the most famous band in the world. The collection belongs to the son of The Beatles Road Manager, Roag Best. Roag has built up quite a collection over the past 30 years, with many of the items coming directly from his dad, the late Neil Aspinall.   

In their pomp, The Beatles were surrounded by many people, but Neil was their friend and confidante. He later became the head of Apple Corps spearheading such Beatle ventures as Beatles No 1, Let It Be Naked, The Anthology and Love (Cirque du Soleil). The Beatles counted Neil as their friend, and he was trusted by them implicitly. Neil was constantly surrounded by The Beatles and the items that he collected can now be viewed by you at the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

Roag comes from a very famous family. His brother, Pete Best, was The Beatles first drummer and a key part of their rise to fame. Pete’s insights into the early years are without doubt of crucial significance to the making of what The Beatles became.

His mother, Mona Best, was founder of the Casbah Coffee Club, the first rock and roll club in Liverpool. She provided The Beatles with a venue to practice and perform in, which Sir Paul McCartney affectionately refers to as “our club”. She managed many of their early business affairs and amongst many other things championed their return to Hamburg after their deportation.

Explore authentic items including guitars and drums from the Hamburg days, interviews with the band, John Lennon’s itinerary from their first American tour, the mysterious cello from “Magical Mystery Tour”, medals from the pop art masterpiece “Sgt Pepper”, the earliest ever footage of the Beatles playing live, genuine gold and platinum discs, personal letters and belongings, studio monitors from the iconic Abbey Road Studios and so much more.

A visit to the Liverpool Beatles museum will put you shoulder to shoulder with The Beatles and their journey from 1959 to 1970. It’s the number one place to visit for information and memorabilia and a day you won’t forget.

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What's Included in the tour

  • Entry to the museum and the gift shop
  • Beatles expert available throughout
  • Written guides in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese and Polish
  • Filming and photographs allowed

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  • Food and drink
  • Personal guide