The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

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  • Admission to the Royal Observatory
  • Visit the Home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Museum of Time and Astronomy
  • See the Octagon Room, design by Sir Christopher Wren 
  • Download the interactive audio-guides on your smartphone using the Smartify App


The Royal Observatory in London’s Greenwich is the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the famous Prime Meridian of the World - 0° 0’ 0”! Built for the purpose of finding longitude at sea, architect Sir Christopher Wren’s Royal Observatory is also a museum of time and astronomy. Check out the early Tompion clocks and displays on navigation at sea that show how Britain led the world in global exploration and trade. Greenwich was indorsed by international agreement in 1884 as the Prime Meridian of the world and you will be able to stand astride the very line that separates East and West!

Pay a visit to the Royal Observatory and see how the Astronomers Royal used to live and work inside Flamsteed House, the building first erected on this site. The Astronomy Centre lets visitors try their hand at being an astronomer and touch a 4.5 billion year old meteorite!

Peter Harrison Planetarium
While exploring the Royal Observatory you can also step inside London’s only planetarium. This wonderful cinematic experience features a range of daily shows that you can attend. From introductions to the mysteries and wonders of the night sky, which are perfect for families and younger children, to more dramatic shows for older audiences, the magnificent planetarium is a must-visit (additional charges apply).

Visitors will be able to see:    
Meridian Line /courtyard
Camera Obscura 
Meridian Building including 3 telescope transit rooms 
Time for Society gallery
Great Equatorial Telescope
Shepherds Gate Clock
Flamsteed House
Dropping of the Time Ball
Time for the Navy Gallery

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What's Included:

  • Admission to Royal Observatory

What's Excluded:

  • Planetarium Shows
  • Transport
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  • A valid student card may be requested on arrival if a student ticket has been purchased.